Special pieces of fine art created by two pair of hands in various media

Royer Arts

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Some splashes of odd colors here and there.
I tried painting as a teenager, but some teenagers are not really good at accepting criticisms.  Many adults don't understand colorblindness.  Hell, I am color blind, and I don't know if I understand it.  As a kid, I couldn't accept the criticism of "that is the wrong color".  As a college student, I could not understand the nuances in the discussions in Color Theory Class.  So I quit painting.

Then an eye doctor told me I was going blind.  It lit a bit of a fire under me.  Luckily so far, Dr. Clown was wrong, but I am painting.  Hope you like the colors, because I do.  They are the colors I see, and feel. 

If they don't match up with your color theory class, sorry.  I didn't pass it.