Special pieces of fine art created by two pair of hands in various media

Royer Arts

As an artist I sometimes seem confused.  I talk to those that consider themselves a painter, a sculptor, photographer or an actor. Others work only in acrylics, watercolor, wood or stone.  I cannot seem to settle down to only one media, or one technique or a single style.  After years of discussions, at times heated, with various instructors and critics, I have come to a few conclusions.  One: I get bored with a single style, or a single media.  Two: boredom sucks.  Therefore I make art with various techniques and styles, as the subject and my moods lead me, and I don’t show the piece until I am pleased with it.
My work is divided into three categories for this little gallery: Drawings, Painting and Other Stuff.  You will find a number of signs of a cluttered mind.  Pencil and ink drawings, water color and acrylic paintings, sculptures, wood carvings.  A flintlock gun or two. Leather clothing, maybe a custom made knife and sheath, or a holster fit for a cowboy of the 1870’s.  Perhaps even some photographs.  All will be scattered about the following pages. 

I hope that you take a bit of your time and take a look around.  If all works well, you will look around and find something that pleases you. Some pieces are available, others are in private hands and used here with their new owners permission.  Consignments are also welcome.