Special pieces of fine art created by two pair of hands in various media

About Us

Royer Arts

What happens when two creative people with little disposable income marry, bounce around with a tour in the Army, put themselves through college and start hobbies in art, sewing and historical reenactment?

With us, there was a lot of :
"Hey, that is cool.  I wonder how that was made back in the day"
"Well, if we could buy this, change it and refinish it."
"Or we could start from scratch and make it ourselves."

You end up with a pretty well rounded knowledge of fabric, needle, thread, leather, wood, iron and brass. Jacks of all trades as the old saying goes.

Geri is very knowledgeable in period fabrics and styles for the 18th and 19th centuries.  She sews by machine, by hand, and creates amazing decorative needle work.  She also crochets and knits, but won't admit that she is any good at it.

Mark has been drawing forever, and one day may just figure out what he is doing.  Painting was shelved for many years, but has made a comeback recently.  Leatherworking, woodwork, gun making, woodcarving, and knife-making bounce on and off the work benches with swings of mood and shifting of the wind.

Royer Arts